Year: 1994
Director: John Duigan
Cast: Sam Neill, Hugh Grant, Tara Fitzgerald, Elle Macpherson, Kate Fischer, Portia De Rossi, Ben Mendelsohn, John Polson
Enjoyable retelling of the story of the controversy caused by Blue Mountains artist Norman Lindsay and his exploration of female beauty through the nude, partly social comment about the nature of society's prudish attitudes to nudity – even today.

Hugh Grant is a sexually repressed parish priest sent to convince Lindsay (Neill) of the error of his ways while a guest of the Lindsay family in Springwood along with his devoted but secretly frustrated wife. While there, everything they think they know and believe about nudity and desire is turned upside down by Lindsay's three gorgeous live-in models (the cute early De Rossi, and the stunning facades but wooden acting of Fischer and Macpherson) and his hunky caretaker.

Strong biblical parabolic imagery, lush Blue Mountains locations and some great performances – Grant has rarely shown such talent since and Neill is the master of the screen as always – make it a pleasure to watch, to say nothing of Fischer, Macpherson and De Rossi getting their kits off at the artist's every whim.

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