Six Days Seven Nights

Year: 1998
Production Co: Caravan Pictures
Director: Ivan Reitman
Producer: Ivan Reitman/Roger Birnbaum
Writer: Michael Browning
Cast: Harrison Ford, Anne Heche, David Schwimmer, Temuera Morrison, Cliff Curtis, Allison Janney, Danny Trejo

Years after the Ghostbusters juggernaut I was surprised to have waited so long to see Ivan Reitman's name again. While leaving the theatre after seeing this I realised he must only have had one good film in him. It's worth watching however to see Harrison Ford in one of his broadest comedic roles and there are plenty of laughs despite it being pretty forgettable.

Heche is Robin, a professional New York magazine editor whose equally city slicker boyfriend (Schwimmer) takes them to a tropical island for a holiday. While there, they meet the boorish pilot/chauffer Quinn (Ford) living an idyllic existence with his plane and his pneumatic girlfriend in paradise.

When he agrees to fly Robin to an urgent photo shoot that's come up nearby, they crash land on a deserted island during a storm and despite their dislike, have to learn to get along to try and escape through everything from nasty jungle animals to pirates. It's fun but little more than that. Reitman went downhill from there, his next film the so-so Evolution and then the dire My Super Ex Girlfriend.

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