Sixteen Candles

Year: 1984
Director: John Hughes
Writer: John Hughes
Cast: Molly Ringwald, Anthony Michael Hall, Billie Bird, John Cusack
One of the early films to come out of the John Hughes/80s brat pack stable and featuring faces that would become it's biggest stars.

Molly Ringwald is Samantha Baker, about to turn 16 in a family that's partly dysfunctional, partly too busy to notice her. She only has eyes for hunky Jake, while the nerdy Ted (Hall, barely looking old enough to have had his first wet dream) does everything in his formidable power to cause trouble to woo her.

Surrounded by embarrassing parents and grandparents and the creepy vagaries of teenage life, Sam has to try and emerge with her sanity and heart intact.

Epitomising everything (and several of the people) that made the Hughes school of 80s teen films great, it's a cool trip down memory lane nowadays, especially when you take note of the difference in the social mores. These were movies for wannabe prom queens who wanted to acknowledge a certain amount of teen angst, so the edginess was limited mostly to scenes like Ringwald's character Andie in Pretty in Pink questioning the value of the prom in the first place. Nowadays she'd get drunk, shoot something up, get her tongue pierced and swear a lot to be edgy in a teen movie.

John Cusack's second film, right before his Savage Steve Holland days.

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