Year: 2006
Studio: Lionsgate
Director: Jim Isaac
Writer: James DeMonaco/Todd Harthan/James Roday
Cast: Elias Koteas, Rhona Mitra

Not long after writing on this very website about how much I liked Elias Koteas and all his films, a pile of steaming wolf crap like this comes along.

Much like the Underworld series, it's a monster movie that doesn't make any use of decent monsters. Stupid ones at that - even when the hero and villain fight at the end in their lycanthropic state they use weapons and speak to each other like mildly hairy bloody cavemen.

A young boy is the key to end/continue a curse where a family group is afflicted by lycanthropism. Half the members, led by a benevolent leader (Koteas) have themselves chained up every full moon night so as not to hurt anybody. The others are a gang of roving bikers and they indulge in all the bloodshed and violence they can find. If the kid does something forgettable by some mystical deadline, the curse will be lifted and everyone will be normal again.

The good guys want it, the bad guys want to prevent it. It's a simple enough plot device but how it turned into such a stupid movie I don't know. Actually I do - amateurish dialogue, a sad lack of horror and the worst reverence for werewolf mythology since Teen Wolf, and at least that was funny.

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