Slacker Uprising

Year: 2007
Production Co: Dog Eat Dog Films
Director: Michael Moore
Producer: Michael Moore
Writer: Michael Moore
Cast: Michael Moore

It's been so rare for Michael Moore to fail you're almost surprised when, at the end of this film, you're reminded that his bid to encourage young voters to back John Kerry in the 2004 US Presidential election failed to oust George W Bush.

It's essentially cobbled-together footage from Moore's 60 city US tour rallying the cynical, disenchanted youth (the slackers of the title) to go out and vote for Kerry. He goes from outdoor rallies supported by rock stars to small town halls to gigantic stadiums greeted by thunderous approval from his fans, and even when welcoming heckling Republicans who infiltrate proceedings Moore manages to shoot their positions down in flames.

There are some revelations on offer including the one that Kerry won among younger voters, tacit self-congratulations on the part of the film that Moore was responsible for the turnout.

It doesn't feel like a Michael Moore movie, with little of his cult-of-personality showboating. There are several ultimately pointless musical acts and it gets a little repetitive, but the editing manages to generate a sense of slowly building hope which history reminds us wasn't enough to spare us from Bush's second term.

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