Year: 1993
Studio: Paramount
Director: Phillip Noyce
Producer: Robert Evans
Writer: Joe Esterhas/Ira Levin
Cast: Sharon Stone, William Baldwin, Tom Berenger, Martin Landau
The eyes of the world were on Sharon Stone for this film, being the first one after the movie that made her slutty name, Basic Instinct. But with Esterhas scripting and Evans producing what can you expect? Stone slides effortlessly into the same mould here as a sex-obsessed New Yorker who moves into a giant apartment building (the kind that gives the movie its title).

Carly (Stone) moves into the vacant apartment after the previous occupant swan-dived out the window. She soon finds herself torn between two neighbours, pretty Pete (Baldwin) and enigmatic landlord Jack (Berenger).

She screws them both in several gleeful scenes of full frontal sex, unaware of the darker history in the building. Most of the apartments are wired into the video system and Jack spies on all the tenants.

It's a tenuous premise but it give the whole voyeuristic hook something to hang on, and the result isn't quite as erotic or thrilling as perhaps intended.

I've heard two stories about the production - Sharon Stone publicly admitting her and Baldwin didn't like each other, and Stone belittling director Noyce by proving how a woman orgasms by pretending to masturbate in front of him after an argument over a scene.

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