Year: 2001
Director: Gillian Ashhurst
Writer: Gillian Ashhurst
Cast: Melanie Lynskey
A very cool and slick little movie that should have received a little more attention than it got.

While the plot wasn't altogether easy to follow, it seemed to be an allegory for Satan tempting Eve.

Two friends in suburban New Zealand, particularly the too-pretty Alice, dream of the excitement and glamour of life on the road as American-style heisters on the run with a cool car.

When they pick up a drifter who seems to have assorted heavies on his tail, Alice's dreams seem to have come true, whereas Seth, who harbours a secret crush on her, can see things going to far as they take a bunch of drugs and go on the lam into the mountains with a trio of comical skinheads, a Maori drug dealer and his stoner dealers all on their tail.

Professionally written, shot and edited without any of the rough edges that usually exist in Australasian independent films, but more clues as to what it all meant would have been welcome.

Alice - played by the girl who portrayed one of the two childhood killers along with Kate Winslet in Peter Jackson's Heavenly Creatures - has grown into a stunningly beautiful woman, and while her overbite is cute, her air of innocence seems at times out of place.

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