So I Married An Axe Murderer

Year: 1993
Studio: Columbia
Director: Thomas Schlamme
Writer: Robbie Fox
Cast: Mike Myers, Nancy Travis , Amanda Plummer, Anthony LaPaglia, Brenda Fricker, Phil Hartmann, Debi Mazar

This film was from the strange netherworld of Mike Myers' career in between his two most distinctive creative periods, that of Wayne's World and the Shrek and Austin Powers years.

It's not at all a bad film and is in fact quite funny, it's just that beside other, far more recognisable characters from his back catalogue it's just a bit hat stand.

It's about an everyman poet (Myers) who falls in love with an enigmatic young woman (Travis) around the same time a serial killer starts striking heart into the city. After his dreams come true and he marries his true love however, he starts to suspect she might be the killer.

There are the inevitable asides as Myers takes cues from his Saturday Night Live career and stretches his wings, such as the character of Scot Stuart McKenzie who's later provide the basis for Shrek, and it's a so-so good time.

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