Year: 1989
Production Co: Society Productions Inc
Director: Brian Yuzna
Writer: Rick Fry/Woody Keith
I didn't realise when I started watching this it was as old as it was, but the denim jackets the mullet hairdos and the late 80's sass gave it away.

A parable for being a teenager and thinking your parents and family are so weird they must be aliens, it introduces us to Bill, an everyday teen (in therapy – this is Beverly Hills) who worries because he can't relate to his parents or sister. There's a creepy ex boyfriend of his sisters hanging around trying to warn him of something strange going on among all the grown-ups, but he just wants to get on with his life.

But strange stuff does start happening around him, like recordings of the society parties his parents frequent, and the truth is more horrifying than he imagined.

It's all very 80s rock music and 90210-lite angst until the final 15 minutes when the payoff promised by the cult status appears at the party with some of the most outrageous makeup effects of the time.

This film was cut from the same no-budget comic horror cloth as Basket Case and Frankenhooker, albeit unintentionally. In not showing any of the cult movie money-shot stuff until the final scenes, it's a dead giveaway the director thought he was making a serious horror film, and I can see some fans sitting around bored (despite one obligatory sex scene) waiting for the good stuff.

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