Year: 1982
Director: James Glickenhaus
Producer: James Glickenhaus
Writer: James Glickenhaus
Cast: Ken Wahl, Klaus Kinski
The only thing separating this half espionage, half action flick from the lowest standard of 1970's bad action thrillers is the ultra-violence from the word go.

80's TV hunk Ken Wahl (much younger here) is a top secret CIA operative given the task of infiltrating and stopping a plot by those nasty Russians to explode a nuclear device in Saudi Arabia unless Israel withdraws from the occupied territories.

The story and delivery are mostly tosh, but the violence and bloodshed are at times frighteningly shocking, including the bullet through the traitors head, the opening ambush sequence and the highway nuke holdup cop.

The climax is decidedly anticlimactic and the love story subplot ridiculous.

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