Some Like it Hot

Year: 1959
Studio: MGM
Director: Billy Wilder
Cast: Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon
I'd never seen a Marilyn Monroe movie before this, and didn't know how I'd find her, having only seen pictures of her throughout popular culture but never having seen her act.

She's very much the breathless sex kitten her public persona portrayed her as, and (as I'm yet to discover as the time of writing this), she may well play the same role in every film she appeared in, but there was certainly a place for a role like it in this sort of comedy.

Musicians Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon have to flee Chicago after witnessing the Valentine's Day massacre, and disguise themselves as women in order to hide out in a girls band bound for Florida (presumably the start of a long line of comic male actors dressing as women for roles).

Along the way, they both fall for the young, ditzy and beautiful Sugar (Monroe), trying to stay straight and woo her while they hide out from the Mafiosi Don still hunting them down.

Everything turns the particular Hollywood kind of pear shaped as the mobster they're running from turns up at their hotel for a meeting of the crime families.

A lot of quick, clean laughs for an old movie - well rounded and comprehensively plotted at almost two hours. Everyone enjoys themselves, Lemmon and Curtis have a great Marx Brothers energy about them and it's all good clean fun.

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