Something’s Gotta Give

Year: 2003
Director: Nancy Myers
Writer: Nancy Myers
Cast: Jack Nicholson, Diane Keaton, Keanu Reeves, Frances McDormand, Amanda Peet, Jon Favreau
Jack Nicholson plays himself (or at least, his reputed persona), and then turns it on its head and makes fun of it.

As an aging lothario businessman, he only dates young women (young enough to be his daughter) including the scrumptious Amanda Peet as Marian.

When she takes him to her mother's beachside house for a dirty weekend, all concerned are shocked when her mother Erica and Aunt Zoe (Keaton and McDormand) show up to use the house too, making for a very uncomfortable stay which Harry (Nicholson) desperately wants to get out of.

When the onset conjugal delights between Harry and Marian, Harry has a heart attack and is rushed to hospital and treated by the kind and hunky doctor Julian (Reeves), who immediately warms to Erica, a fan of her plays and afficianado of the charms of experienced women.

But something strange happens to Harry as he finds himself strangely attracted to Erica despite their initial differences.

While Julian woos her from the outside and Marian decides her and Harry are through (an expected and no-nonsense part of the usual arc of Harry's relationships), Harry and Erica can't deny the attraction growing between them and end up in bed.

The story until that point (and the realisation of their love) is charming, warm, funny and realistic, thanks in no small part by the two charismatic leads at the top of their game, not to mention strong support from the likes of Reeves and Peet.

But director Myers doesn't know when to drop it, and a protracted ending that takes up a further three major scenes only exist to take you to the unrealistic, unsatisfying ending.

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