Son of the Mask

Year: 2005
Director: Lawrence Guterman
Cast: Jamie Kennedy, Alan Cumming, Traylor Howard, Bob Hoskins
Like the recent remake of Around the World in 80 Days, producers obviously thought there wasn't enough meat in the premise to appeal to adults, so unlike Jim Carrey's 1994 original, this is a kids movie.

And Jamie Kennedy is a distant second to the signature antics Carrey built his early career on. He's so devoid of energy he only gets to wear the mask once, as if the producers realised how awful he was and decided that for most of the film it'd be worn by the dog or the baby.

Introducing a subplot that serves as padding for what would otherwise be a half hour sitcom, the ancient Saxon gods Odin (Hoskins) and Loki (Cumming) are looking for the mask when it's found by loser cartoonist Tim (Kennedy).

Because he's worn it however, the baby he and his wife Tonya (Howard, the only decent actor in it and the best reason to watch the film) have is imbued with the mask's powers and Tim soon thinks the kid is haunted before he realises what's going on and that he has to find the mask for the mischievous demigod.

The film was shot in and around Sydney's Fox Studios, when it was just the producers who should have been shot.

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