Sorority Boys

Year: 2002
Director: Wallace Wolodarsky
It looked like a completely useless and unfunny college sex comedy, and seemed that when the trio of horny boys had to stay in drag it'd drag on forever, but the story is actually there and it carries the movie the entire distance along with comedy that, while not groundbreaking, was effective.

Three frat boys are kicked out of their cool college frat house after being accused of stealing money from the social club safe, reserved for their legendary end of year party. The whole plot centres around them getting back into their fraternity to retrieve a video that will prove their innocence. So they dress up as girls and join a sorority where the inevitable but corny heart comes into it.

They learn what pigs men are for the way they objectify women, the hero fall in love with the beautiful but staunch feminist who thinks she's found her best friend, and they all feel a new kinship with the weaker sex.

Of course it was entirely predictable, but there were some good jokes and it was a few steps above the usual offerings of the genre.

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