South Park: Imaginationland

Year: 2008
Studio: Paramount
Director: Trey Parker/Matt Stone
Writer: Trey Parker/Matt Stone
Cast: Trey Parker, Matt Stone
If you're curious enough, you might wonder why the first South Park feature film made it into cinemas (1999's Bigger, Longer, Uncut), but this second feature effort has gone straight to DVD.

Perhaps backers Paramount realised the small screen was the show's natural home, away from the structural constraints and expectations of the first weekend haul model of cinema releasing.

Whatever the reason, the film has free reign to disgust, offend, shock and delight as the boys from South Park are taken to a magical land that's home to all the beings humans have imagined into existence - everyone from Jesus and Luke Skywalker to the Satan worshipping woodland critters from the classics episode A Woodland Critter Christmas.

Once there however, those pesky terrorists strike in a suicide bombing scene so outrageous it borders on the uncomfortable. The boys learn that all the bad creatures of Imaginationland are held back by a high wall that's now in danger of falling, letting chaos loose. Butters is unwittingly left behind while the rest of the guys try desperately to find a way to save Imaginationland, with help from the inept US Army and their portal to the netherworld.

And in the most disturbing development, Cartman is one a mission to get Kyle to honour the agreement the pair made, which committed Kyle - in the event the boys found a leprechaun - to suck Cartman's balls.

Hardly the result of a mass throwing of ideas against a wall to see which ones would stick, the plot and gags make sense in context with each other, and if you're a South Park fan, this is Matt and Trey at the top of their game.

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