South Park

Year: 1999
Director: Trey Parker
Writer: Trey Parker/Matt Stone
Cast: Trey Parker, Matt Stone
There's a line in South Park where Cartman is commenting on the Terence & Philip movie the boys are about to see, wondering if the cartoon series will sustain a ninety minute movie (an obvious moment of satire by the movie directed at itself).

The unfortunate part is that like plenty of half hour TV series' translated to 90 minute feature movies, it doesn't translate so well, and by two thirds of the way through, the humour starts to splutter out.

Not that Parker and Stone failed to deliver the definitive South Park experience, just that the 30 minute TV format is perfect for it. Any longer (and on a movie screen) it suffers.

Drawn in no doubt by the combination of money and the ability to script coarse language, they've created what amounts to a best of compilation, taking some of the funniest South Park fixtures like Satan and Saddam Hussein and putting them together in a movie plot.

While the parents of South Park, so enraged at the smut drowning their culture from the North, declare war on Canada, the children have little time to save the Earth, put Satan back in his place and get Kenny back.

Laughs, but only singularly. Together, it's too much for too long.

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