Year: 1987
Production Co: Brooksfilms
Studio: MGM
Director: Mel Brooks
Producer: Mel Brooks
Writer: Mel Brooks/Thomas Meehan/Ronny Graham
Cast: Mel Brooks, Bill Pullman, John Candy, Daphne Zuniga, Rick Moranis, Dick van patten, Michael Winslow, Joan Rivers, Jon Hurt

Mel Brooks does Star Wars, but there are two problems - it was way too late, coming after the biggest round of pop culture rip-offs since The Bible - and it's wasn't funny.

Taking only casual liberties with the iconic characters - perhaps Brooks was frightened of the wrath of the famously-litigious Lucas - it plays fast and loose with the story too, as a princess (Zuniga), hero (Pullman) and dog (Candy) try to outwit a short guy with a dark helmet (Moranis) called... Dark Helmet for some disposable plot device or other.

By then Brooks had lost his mojo, the Zucker brothers were just steaming up towards the Police Squad movies and comedy was in a bad place. We were too in love with jet pilots, Tom Cruise and the rock and roll aesthetic of Simpson and Bruckheimer.

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