Spy Hard

Year: 1996
Studio: Hollywood Pictures
Director: Rick Friedberg
Producer: Rick Friedberg
Writer: Rick Friedberg/Jason Friedberg/Aaron Seltzer/Dick Chudnow
Cast: Leslie Neilsen, Nicolette Sheridan, Marcia Gay Harden, Ray Charles, Joyce Brothers, Hulk Hogan

What's much more interesting about this film are the presence of the two writers, Friedberg and Seltzer, who'd go on to take up the ____ Movie mantle a decade later and test how low they could set the bar in good taste (and humour) in movies.

I remember nothing about the plot but I can assume that (according to the slow dip in quality of these sight gag comedies throughout the 90s) it had a few laughs but little more as Neilsen plays a parody of Maxwell Smart on the case of a despot determined to rule the world.

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