Stealing Harvard

Year: 2002
Production Co: Revolution
Director: Bruce McCulloch
Cast: Tom Green, Jason Lee, Dennis Farina, Richard Jenkins, John C Reilly
There's nothing like a Tom Green movie to remind you that 13 year old boys with no sense of artistic culture watch movies too. The current crown prince of that particular sub-genre of the teenage comedy - moronic - once more plays the considerable range of his acting talent to the hilt - from mild idiocy to complete idiocy.

A straight up and down guy (Lee) with a respectable job and pretty fiance has to make good on his promise to pay his niece's way into college. Instead of tell his wife to be that their dream house is no more, he decides to come by the money by deceit. Enter the ever-present loser boyhood friend who never grew up (the same role played by an endless collection of B grade TV comics for the past 20 years) to help and the hilarious hijinks goes straight for the prepubescent pineal gland.

How a character of irrefutable talent like Jason Lee got roped into this crap is anyone's guess. As stupid as it is unfunny - consider your money well spent if you chuckle once or twice.

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