Year: 1997
Director: Kenneth Johnson
Cast: Shaquille O'Neill, Annabeth Gish, Judd Nelson, Richard Roundtree
You'd expect to be very afraid - another DC comics hero bought to life in a vehicle to turn a famous athlete into a movie star. Think Firestorm (Howie Long), Nemesis (Oliver Gruner) and Kickboxer (Jean Claude Van Damme, although he has made a success of it). But you'll be surprised. It is rubbish, but it's fun rubbish. Hackneyed plot is an excuse for a giant inner-city brutha to dress up in steel armour and be a superhero with some cool weapons, complete with wheelchair-bound inventor sidekick (Gish, after a long hiatus and a huge step down from Mystic Pizza). You know the whole story, moral and characters long before they unravel, but it's surprisingly well executed and the effects and action will leave you pleasantly surprised.

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