The Stepford Wives

Year: 1975
Director: Bryan Forbes
Writer: Ira Levin
Cast: Katharine Ross

Based on the book by Ira Levin, this is the story as it should have been, not the asinine, wet-blanket comedy Frank Oz's remake turned out to be.

The notion that you move into a beautiful suburban landscape and they kill you and turn you into a robot in order to maintain the attractive exterior is a horror story, not a comedy, and as such anyone who's seen the remake but not this one might be (pleasantly) surprised at the film's menace.

Joanna (Ross) and her family move into the picturesque small town of Stepford, Conneticut, where the lawns are always green and the people are always friendly.

Strange happenings start to make Joanna think there's something seriously wrong propping up the gilt-edged facade. Her husband thinks she's paranoid and it becomes a classic story of paranoia worthy of Hitchcock, where she just know something's not right but there's no proof and everyone around her acts like nothing's wrong, making you wonder if you're crazy.

Well executed and didn't need revisiting, especially not as a comedy film full of CG.

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