Stepford Wives

Year: 2004
Director: Frank Oz
Writer: Ira Levin
Cast: Nicole Kidman, Matthew Broderick, Glenn Close, Christopher Walken, Bette Midler, Jon Lovitz
As expected, a pretty asinine remake which tries to be cleverer and update itself from the original (whose subject matter rather that it's imagery admittedly no longer shocks anymore), but just falls over it's own morals.

Burned out TV exec Joanna (Kidman) goes with her falling-apart family to the idyllic town of Stepford, where the husbands couldn't be happier and the wives - as it's soon revealed - all have computer implants that make them behave as perfect trophy wives.

Falling under the spell of the possibility of his neurotic, overbearing wife as an easily controlled automaton who looks after the family in a perfect house, her husband Walter (Broderick) begins to give in to the nightmare, especially under the wing of the charismatic town patriarch (Walken).

The twist was a surprise but took the story in the mostly disappointing new 21st century direction.

An off-white (not biting enough to be black) comedy where the original was an urban horror story, and while there are some jokes, it's mostly pretty banal.

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