Stone Bros

Year: 0000
Production Co: ScreenWest
Director: Richard Frankland
Writer: Richard Frankland
Cast: Peter Phelps, Luke Carroll, Leon Burchill

I have a strong suspicion there's an affirmative action program at the West Australian film funding body and this film is a result of it. Nothing else could explain such amateur rubbish being made from a script that could have made a quirky, funny film.

Two aboriginal cousins - the stereotypical straight man and his no-hoper sidekick tagging along - set out from Perth for their native homeland to return a ceremonial rock to their uncle. On the way they pick up another relation (a pre-operative transsexual) and a suave Italian guitar player.

The film is a road trip of their adventures on the way with ham fisted love-your-family themes, but the director (who also wrote the script, so there goes that theory) takes stupid jokes that should have been throwaway gags way too far, like the demonic dog.

Even worse, the performances are uniformly awful, like a bunch of weekend theatre troupe enthusiasts except with a camera pointing at them. Unfunny, undisciplined rubbish.

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