Sudden Death

Year: 1995
Studio: Universal
Director: Peter Hyams
Writer: Karen Baldwin/Gene Quintano
Cast: Jean-Claude Van Damme, Powers Boothe, Raymond J Barry

It was getting on to the tail end of Jean Claude's one trick super martial arts excitingly-titled action flicks (Hard Target, Maximum Risk, Double Impact, etc), so I didn't expect much, especially as the 'terrorists-take-over-a' premise had already been done to death.

What a nice surprise then to see an unexpectedly epic approach. The premise, set-up and resolution where all completely predictable, but whether it was something in Peter Hyams direction or the 'big' (in every sense of the word) canvas and setting, something gave this Van Damme vehicle an edge you don't get from many others in the genre.

This time it's a train...sorry, an aircraft carrier...sorry, a sports stadium, with those big retractable roof panels that open to the sky. When a psychotic madman (Boothe) and his minions take over the stadium during a big match and take the Vice President and a group of unlucky hostages captive, it's up to former firefighter Darren (JCVD) to step into the shoes of John McClane, Casey Ryback and a dozen others before him.

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