Sugar & Spice

Year: 2001
Studio: New Line
Director: Francine McDougall
Cast: Mena Suvari, Melissa George, James Marsden, Sean Young, Marla Sokoloff
From the preview on other videos, the best I hoped for was another comedy aimed at the American Pie fanbase with a few original laughs to offer.

What it turned out to be was one of the best sarcastic, acidic comedies of the year, as bitterly scathing as Drop Dead Gorgeous.

As told by celebrity hungry A squad cheerleader wannabe Lisa (Sokoloff) to the police, the girls in A squad at Lincoln High (a delightfully funny and varied troupe of characters) are best friends and do everything together.

When class prom queen Diane and hero quarterback Jack (Marsden) shack up and get themselves pregnant, the girls decide the only way to get her out of the financial woe she's found herself in is rob a bank.

Only some of the movie concerns the girls' getting their hands on guns, planning and pulling off the heist, and the parts that aren't could be seen as unnecessary plodding, but the script is so bitchy and biting you don't care, the cracks soon showing through the squeaky clean cheerleader's world.

Excellent performances by the leads, a host of funny support characters and set-ups, it's like the best of Janeane Garofalo does Bring It On. A huge surprise, and a very nice one.

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