The Sum of Us

Year: 1994
Production Co: Southern Star
Director: Geoff Burton/Kevin Dowling
Writer: David Stevens
Cast: Russell Crowe, Jeff Thompson, John Polson

Somewhere between Russell Crowe's stint as a barely recognisable face on Australian TV and his global superstardom as a gladiator, he played this sweet comic drama as a young gay man living with his tolerant Dad (Thompson) in Sydney's inner city.

While the widower embarks on a tentative relationship with a new lady, he wants nothing more than for his son Jeff to be happy in his own burgeoning attraction to Greg (Polson), but even though there's nothing but love and acceptance under their roof, the rest of the world is a different place and proves harder to navigate.

It has a rough-around-the-edges charm but the story's nice and nothing too edgy.

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