Super Mario Bros

Year: 1993
Production Co: Cinergi Pictures Entertainment
Director: Annabel Jankel/Rocky Morton
Writer: Parker Bennett/Terry Runte/Ed Solomon
Cast: Bob Hoskins, John Legiuzamo, Samantha Mathis, Lance Henriksen, Dennis Hopper

Imagine a world where there were no movies based on video games or comic books. Imagine a kid who thought the video games around at the time would have made cool movies, to the extent he even wrote the first few chapters of a story based on the game Xevious.

Now imagine how exciting Super Mario Bros would have been to such a kid, and - with not nearly the discrimination of cinematic quality that he has now, 16 years later as I write this - how cool he would have thought the movie was?

Read any review of mention of the film in a feature about the history of video games and movies crossing paths and it'll be universally accepted it was an expensive and ill-considered dud.

It might have been the flop it's said to be, and you might also thing it was the crashing bore everyone says it was. But I was 22, high on the movie arts coming to maturity in the 1990s ( Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles , early CGI) and bursting with curiosity to see what sort of people Mario (Hoskins) and Luigi (Leguizamo) were like in real life.

If anyone was looking forward to it as much as I was I can see why they'd be so disappointed - there was hardly any of the elements of the quests from the game (s). No running along a brick wall jumping over those evil looking mushrooms or anything.

But I hardly remember the plot now, I just know it's one of those films I know I loved, at which I'll smile fondly every time I read how bad it was.

The two Brooklyn plumbers are transported to an alternate universe populated with dinosaurs and otherwordly creatures when the evil King Koopa (Hopper) wants to invade, leaving Mario and Luigi humanity's only hope to save Earth and get the girl.

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