Super Sucker

Year: 2002
Director: Jeff Daniels
Writer: Jeff Daniels
Cast: Jeff Daniels, Dawn Wells
A very disappointing comedy from a rare acting talent of tdoay.

Jeff Daniels isn't someone most people usually pick when they're talking about the world's great actors, but I think he's one of the most versatile working today – just look at the roles he's played, and he's world ahead of the Tom Cruises and Mel Gibsons of the world who always play slightly different versions of their own perfect selves. The only really interesting character Tom Cruise has ever played was the 'respect the cock' hawker in Magnolia, after all.

But it looks like like all the talent lies in front of the camera, because this is to Jeff Daniels what Braveheart was to Mel Gibson, or The Apostle to Robert Duvall, or Confessions of a Dangerous Mind to George Clooney. The Directorial Debut.

It's a shame he picked a story about a vacuum cleaner salesman (not without the potential for comedy) at war with a rival distributorship when he learns housewives are using disused attachments for his products as the ultimate sex toy (even more potential).

But the whole thing falls flat, is strung together badly, and has too many characters and situations for you to know which ones are supposed to be in the foreground.

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