Year: 2007
Studio: Columbia Pictures
Director: Greg Mottola
Producer: Judd Apatow
Writer: Seth Rogen/Evan Goldberg
Cast: Jonah Hill, Michael Cera
Much was made of this teens-get-laid comedy, and it seems the production team of Apatow/Rogen/et al behind The 40 Year Old Virgin are a modern day King Midas.

They once again capture the casual nuances of real speech in their chosen demographic - people just talking the crap people do rather than obsessively advancing the story Robert McKee style, but it's not as iconic as their other efforts.

Two nerdy high school friends, quiet, sensible Evan and boisterous, aggressive Seth are desperate to get laid and see the hot end of year party as their best chance. Their way in is to provide the booze, so they need only to scam a liquor store. Enter their uber-nerd friend Fogler, who - with a fake ID sporting the name 'McLovin' - is their only chance.

The plot contrives to split the story in two as Fogler falls in with two cops (writer Rogen one of them) who should be in any other career - maybe as comedy writers. Seth and Evan embark on an epic journey to try and get the alcohol and reach the party in time to take drunken advantage of the girls they want.

There's gross-out comedy but in the best tradition of the Weitz brothers there's a lot of heart, and the end sequences make you realise Evan and Seth really love each other. It becomes - in the final frame - a sweet tale about saying goodbye to the aimless rhythms of childhood.

The characters of Seth and Evan are well drawn and fleshed out, not thin stereotypes like most teen comedies have always offered, and the result is a rambling road of comic tangets, outrageous contrivances of the plot and at times sublime gags.

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