Taking Care of Business

Year: 1990
Director: Arthur Hiller
Cast: James Belushi, Charles Grodin

A bit of a one-joke comedy as businessman Grodin loses his filofax, containing everything from credit cards to ID. It gets picked up by ex-crim Belushi, who assumes Grodin's identity and life for the weekend, including sleeping with the boss' daughter, using the credit cards to buy from the home shopping networks and screwing up everything Grodin has worked hard for in his career.

We switch between Belushi's opulence living Spencer Barnes' life and the real Barnes (Grodin) having a terrible time with an irritating woman trying to get back to normality and find his stuff. Cute and inoffensive, distinctively 80's comedy throughout as the two inevitably find each other, right everything that's wrong and become friends.

An interesting example about how films are marketed throughout the world - it was named after the title track in the US and Australia but released as Filofax in Europe.

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