Teen Wolf

Year: 1985
Production Co: Wolfkill
Director: Rod Daniel
Writer: Joseph Loeb III/Matthew Weisman
Cast: Michael J Fox, James Hampton

One that – in hindsight – only found audiences on the strength of Michael J Fox's name above the title, smoking hot in the days immediately after Back to the Future.

We all feel like outsiders in our teens. But none end up more so than Scott Howard (Fox) when puberty brings out his congenital lycanthropy.

Instead of tearing his classmates to shreds and visiting bloodthirsty murder by the light of the full moon, Scott's werewolfery unleashes a different sort of beast – his true id that does what it wants and can handle all life's challenges with cocky aplomb.

He starts to own the basketball court and even catches the eye of the school's most popular beauty queen. But then his friends start to fall away, people end up not liking him much, and Scott learns the lesson that's been a movie staple it seems since the Lumiere brothers – you're fine just the way you are.

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