Year: 1982
Production Co: Sigma Cinematografica Roma
Director: Dario Argento
Producer: Claudio Argento
Writer: Dario Argento
Cast: Anthony Franciosa
Dario Argento seemed to have got a bit serious with this film, not only employing a slicker look than Creepers (which ironically came after this), but crafting a film that was less schlock horror than gory thriller.

American thriller writer Peter (Franciosa) travels to Rome where he's immediately set upon for stalking and tormenting by a serial killer who's been dispatching people in the same gruesome ways he depicts in his latest bestseller, Tenebrae.

His agent, PA, two detectives and more become embroiled in the search for the truth as more people are murdered, and the whole time you think it's his psychotic ex wife, a seductive vamp who gets little screen time but takes the lion's share of obtuse clues.

You might guess the twist ending given away in the oft-homaged and inventive money shot revealing the true killer before it happens, and you might not.

But if you like your Argento more Brian De Palma than Lucio Fulci, this one's for you. There's enough gore to keep hardcore fans (or hardcore) happy, and Argento's delightfully kitschy cheesy American synth rock just to remind you who The Man is.

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