The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Year: 1974
Director: Tobe Hooper
Producer: Tobe Hooper
Writer: Tobe Hooper
Cast: Gunnar Hansen
All movies (should) celebrate something. Not in the happy, party term of the word, but in the sense that they endear a set of circumstances, with emotions, happenings and plot (in short a story) to an audience. Even if the story is about something despicable or tragic like a war or a murder, it should have a point in portraying the horror, gore, violence or displeasure.

A lot of movies in the slasher genre are gratuitously gory or over the top in their violence, and then the 'joke' is on the audience, because the point of telling the story is to elicit a reaction of revulsion in them. But as the only film of the slasher genre without its tongue in its cheek (even Halloween , although serious, was fantasy), TCM is perhaps the most pointless film ever made.

There is nothing to celebrate in a movie about a family of inbred lunatics who use a weapon as grotesque as chainsaws and meathooks to kill their stereotypical horny teenage victims - particularly as no point is made about the social conditions leading to the real-life killings or their resolution.

A lot of cheap, slow garbage that should have been left at the bottom of some neo-Nazi, horror movie buff director's mind. Interesting only as one of John Laroquette's early appearances, as the narrator.

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