The Back-Up Plan

Year: 2010
Studio: Sony
Director: Alan Poul
Writer: Kate Angelo
Cast: Jennifer Lopez, Anthony Anderson, Melissa McCarthy

With her pop culture cachet, Jennifer Lopez could be doing a lot better with her time than the sort of ditzy rom com Katherine Heigl or Anne Hathaway had to resort to during their respective rises toward the top.

She plays a feisty New York woman so determined to have a baby she's being artificially inseminated when we first meet her. Not long after, in true Hollywood style, she meets the man of her dreams. All that's left is to tell him she's already pregnant with a complete stranger's baby. The dramatic tension comes not just from the usual strains a forthcoming baby puts on a relationship but the uncertainty she's convinced the hero feels knowing the child isn't his.

J'Lo's character at least has a little development that leads to things coming to a head for the climax, but it's light, fluffy, big studio stuff and won't tax you too much.

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