The Final Conflict

Year: 1981
Studio: 20th Century Fox
Director: Graham Baker
Cast: Sam Neill
The most epic of the Omen movies, when Damien is at his most dangerous - as a grown man in a position of power.

Complete with a statue of Christ facing backwards into the cross in his lair, antichrist Damien Thorne (Neill) learns that the Christ child has been born somewhere in the world, and plots to kill all babies born on the appointed day.

A group of opponents plan to stop him, and what I can never work out about movies where Satan comes back to claim the Earth is the fact that the bible says he's going to lose when he tries. Presumably you don't get to be the Prince of Darkness by being stupid, so why would he bother?

In any case, most people regard the Omen series as getting weaker as it went on, but I remember being impressed.

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