The Ladies Man

Year: 2000
Production Co: SNL Productions
Studio: Paramount
Director: Reginald Hudlin
Producer: Lorne Michaels
Writer: Tim Meadows
Cast: Tim Meadows, Billy Dee Williams
Another Saturday Night Live character gets the big screen treatment, and as is the case with many of them, it should have been left as a half hour Tv show.

An unfunny joke is milked mercilessly with a tangle of stupid subplots and sidetracks as Phelps (meadows), a radio DJ and serial womaniser, goes in search of a former lover who promises to take care of him when he and his mild-mannered producer Julie are thrown out of work.

He has to track the mystery woman down and avoid the dozens of jealous husbands out to get him, and you'll hardly laugh once in the duration.

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