The Thing

Year: 1982
Production Co: David Foster Productions
Director: John Carpenter
Writer: Bill Lancaster
Cast: Kurt Russell, Wilford Brimley, Keith David

Audiences wanted none of it. 1982 was all about aliens, but it was the kind that befriended kids, hid in closets and wanted to phone home that raked in money.

But Rob Bottin's eye-popping effects stand up almost 30 years later and the film has probably returned most of its budget many times over thanks to a cult following among horror fans.

Hemmed in by weather at an Antarctic research station, a group of scientists are suddenly besieged by an alien force that hunts them relentlessly down, taking the form of those it's killed whether animal, mineral or vegetable.

If it's been as long since you saw it as it has since I did last the finer points of the plot might be hard to recall, but several sequences have an unforgettable X factor that keep the movie alive, like the sequence where the Thing gets in with the huskies and the MacReady (Russell) carries out his theory of each particle of the creature being connected to chilling effect.

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