The Thirst

Year: 2006
Production Co: CFQ Films
Director: Jeremy Kasten
Writer: Jeremy Kasten
This vampire flick is notable for only two reasons. The first is that it characterises vampires much like 30 Days of Night did, more like rats in a feeding frenzy than a pale, caped aristocrat leaning in for a heart-rending kiss. Forget the two neat holes on your neck when the bloodsuckers in Thirst finish with you, it looks more like the aftermath of a shark or chain saw attack.

The second is that it recognises one of the most enduring themes of the vampire myth, not just of never aging or dying, but (since you're already dead) of not dying from a horrible disease.

Maxx's girlfriend Lisa isn't telling him she's dying of cancer until it's too late, but when she makes a miraculous recovery she doesn't want to tell him why - but it's because the enigmatic, dominatrix-like she-bitch of a vampire coven has given her eternal life and deliverance from her illness.

Now Maxx wants in, but how will he get Lisa's new family to accept him and not tear his throat out? From descriptions I've read about the movie, apparently it's a heroin parable and Maxx and Lisa are recovering drug addicts who end up addicted to blood rather than smack, but I didn't get it. What you will take away from a ho-hum story is a bloodbath the likes of which we seldom see in this sexiest of classic monster.

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