Year: 2003
Director: Catherine Hardwicke
Writer: Catherine Hardwicke/Nikki Reed
Cast: Evan Rachel Wood, Nikki Reed, Holly Hunter
Making quite a splash when it arrived thanks to the creative pedigree (it was written by one of its stars, only a teenager herself, it paints a realistic picture but puts it in the wrong place.

The filmmakers are commenting on the pressures on young girls to grow up too fast, get the attention of boys by being appearing extremely sexualised and rebel against their parents.

That seems to be what they're talking about, at least. Because they place the girls, their families and their community amongst a white-trash lifestyle living in economically depressed circumstances, you're not sure if they're saying its teenagers or poverty that's the problem.

Because the behaviour exhibited by the girls in the film (Reed and Wood) is more typical to girls around 15 or 17, and even then it's not girls in general just those inclined to rebel. The film seems to be saying that if you have a daughter, you're in for this when she turns 13, guaranteed.

Apart from the frazzled message the visuals are good, there's a little too much whiplash MTV influence, but it's very well acted all round.

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