Three Fugitives

Year: 1989
Production Co: Silver Screen Partners IV
Studio: Disney
Director: Francis Veber
Producer: Lauren Schuler-Donner
Writer: Francis Veber
Cast: Nick Nolte, Martin Short, James Earl Jones, Alan Ruck, Bruce McGill

Bank robber Lucas (Nolte), who wants to go straight, goes to make a withdrawal from his account at the wrong time on his first day out of the clink. Desperate but clueless father Ned (Short), who only wants to take care of his little girl, bundles in to rob that very bank, doing such a hopeless job Lucas can't help but step in.

When the cops show up, they see the former crim through the window and assume he's the ringleader, and he has to go on the lam with Ned and his daughter when he can't convince them he has nothing to do with it.

As they're on the run together, the little girl melts the heart of the tough-as-nails former robber yada yada...

But despite a story signposted with plot turns that are as easy to spot as neon signs there are some funny scenes, like when Ned puts his head down to avoid the gazes of two approaching cops and walks headlong into a signpost right in front of them.

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