Three of Hearts

Year: 1993
Studio: New Line Cinema
Director: Yurek Bogayevicz
Writer: Adam Greenman/Mitch Glazer
Cast: William Baldwin, Kelly Lynch, Sherilyn Fenn, Joe Pantoliano

The second movie about a love triangle starring a Baldwin (along with Threesome), and it's hard to say which is superior. The other one is certainly funnier but this one has more heart despite being a little too sweet at times.

When Ellen (Fenn) leaves her female lover Connie (Lynch), the heartbroken Connie hires a suave male escort (Baldwin) to seduce Ellen and then dump her so she comes crying back to Connie.

Even if you haven't seen it you won't be surprised it has the most-used device in films where someone's supposed to pretend to fall in love with someone - that the previously unattached stud falls in love with the heroine for real and realises how off track his life is?

It's a classic tale of character arcs that shows promise as it's about a lesbian couple, but if you wanted to read American gender politics into it you could say the 'aberrant' sexual behaviour of the heroine is 'corrected' by her falling in love with a man.

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