Three to Tango

Year: 1999
Studio: Warner Bros
Producer: Damon Santostefano
Writer: Rodney Vaccaro/Aline Brosh McKenna
Cast: Matthew Perry, Neve Campbell, Dylan McDermott, Oliver Platt, Bob Balaban, John C McGinley
A bit of a nothing rom-com I don't particularly remember why I wanted to see - perhaps it was the presence of Oliver Platt, who is as close to faultless a supporting actor as there's ever been.

When two partners in a small architectural firm are pitching for a high profile contract, the rich benefactor (McDermott) asks the nerdy of the two (a perfectly cast Matthew Perry, perfectly cast because it's the same rose he's played in every other film) to keep a watch over his headstrong mistress (Campbell). The reason is because it's inadvertently gone out in the press that he's gay, so it's assumed she's safe under his care.

Trying to keep up the ruse, he of course falls in love with her and can't act on it because he's been lying to her, and with the promise of the project that'll make their careers on the line he can't risk putting a foot wrong.

The whole set up is kind of wishy washy, the concept not strongly enough conveyed. I didn't, for example, know until about a third of the way through that his partner (Platt) actually was gay.

But any plot is a convenient way to get Perry's pratfalls and Campbell's edgy cuteness on screen as long as possible, and the result is a run of the mill romantic comedy with a handful of worthwhile gags.

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