Year: 1965
Production Co: Eon Productions
Studio: MGM
Director: Terence Young
Producer: Kevin McCloryAlbert R Broccoli/Harry Saltzman
Writer: Richard Malbaum/John Hopkins/Jack Whittingham/Kevin McClory/Ian Fleming
Cast: Sean Connery, Bernard Lee, Lois Maxwell, Desmond LLewelyn

For Bond trivia fans, this is the one Never Say Never Again was a loose remake of. As one of Bond's very early cinematic outings, it had all the elements right as James (Connery) travels to the Bahamas to retrieve two nuclear warheads.

They've been stolen by a SPECTRE agent in an international extortion plot whose details I can't quite remember, but to get an idea of the extent of them you need only watch any of the Austin Powers movies.

On the way he'll have to pin a bad guy to a palm tree and follow it up with one of his most famous quips, pump a variety of beautiful women for information about his mission and lay down several elements of the template Bond producers should just learn to stick to to this day.

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