Year: 2000
Director: Joel Schumacher
Cast: Colin Farrell
Joel Schumacher takes another step away from the embarrassing Batman & Robin days when he was a big studio slut, and discovers what was to be become a very hot property in Colin Farrell.

But while low key, gritty, and a kind of original story, the 'war training is hell' setting is nothing we haven't seen before and it's very hard to top from the Full Metal Jacket and even Stripes days.

Farrell is a member of a platoon going through a grueling training camp before being shipped off to Vietnam in 1971, and the story is basically about him rallying and rebelling against the system and (in the most hard to believe aspect of the film) ultimately winning effortlessly.

Some good scenes and great acting by the Irish born Farrell as a Texan army grunt, but nothing special.

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