Tom White

Year: 2004
Director: Alkinos Tsilimidos
Cast: Colin Friels, David Field, Bill Hunter, Rachel Blake, Dan Spielman, Leone Carmen, Angela Punch McGregor, Kevin Harrington
Another low-level Australian film that came in over the radar, did pretty well and then dropped away pretty quickly.

Also a pretty uncanny precursor to Robert Connolly's much higher profile Three Dollars, it shows a man dropping out of the bottom of society by leaving his job, not going home and spending the next who knows how long living on the streets, homeless, making various friends and enemies, learning about how the other half lives and preparing his soul to appreciate what he has by the time he starts to make his tentative return.

Some interesting themes, good acting, but hardly worldbeating. What a freakout that Leone Carmen is the same girl who played Freya in The Year My Voice Broke all those years ago

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