Year: 2001
Director: Gregory Poirier
Writer: Gregory Poirier
Cast: Jerry O'Connell, Jake Busey, Shannon Elizabeth
Any movie that features a man chasing a removed cancerous testicle across a hospital has got to be from a distinct school - the same as that which has bought us the recent American Pie -inspired gross-out comedy subgenre.

This time transposed to Generation X instead of teens, it tells of a ground of friends and confirmed bachelors who make a bet they can stay single the longest. They all put money into a high yield account that the last single man will win.

Seven years on, Michael (O'Connell) and Kyle (Busey) are the only two left. Michael lands in huge debt to a casino and desperately needs the money, so it becomes his appropriately bumbling mission to get Kyle - who looks like never settling down - to fall in love with an marry one of his conquests, the lovely Natalie (Elizabeth).

In true romantic comedy style, Michael and Natalie start to fall in love instead, and the story becomes a struggle between his comic attempts to hook her up with Kyle and falling for her himself.

Nothing too smart, relying more on the obvious than the subtle humour, with several redundant devices (like the testicle chase), it's mostly funny thanks to some charismatic leads, including the overeager O'Connell.

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