Tommy Boy

Year: 1995
Studio: Paramount
Director: Peter Segal
Producer: Lorne Michaels
Writer: Bonnie Turner/Terry Turner
Cast: Chris Farley, David Spade, Brian Dennehy, Bo Derek, Rob Lowe, Julie Warner, Dan Aykroyd

Chris Farley will always have his detractors, and to be fair I've seen him in some stupid stuff (like almost all his skit comedy and every movie he made aside from this one).

And no doubt a lot of his critics will pan this film as much as all his other work, but something about it has always really hit me in the funny bone and appealed to the slapstick fan in me. The scene of Tommy (Farley) trying to get changed in the airplane toilet cubicle in particular - with everything that opens and shuts hitting him all over - always has me in stitches.

If I'd grown up in another era I'd have likely seen the characters of Tommy and offsider Richard (Spade) as a cheap knock off of Laurel and Hardy, but the chemistry between Farley's bumbling fattie and Spade's sarcastic desk jockey makes every scene zing.

Returning home from college, Tommy attends his auto parts empire Dad's (Dennehy) wedding to a hot younger woman (Derek). But there's something sinister at work, and with her real boyfriend, the smarmy Paul (Lowe), she intends to outlive the old man and take the loot.

Getting her opportunity earlier than she thinks, he drops dead during the wedding reception, and Tommy has to go on the road to restore confidence among his customers who don't think the business can run without Big Tom, taking Richard in tow to run the numbers.

The pair lurch across the country getting into more and more trouble with each other and everything around them, desperately trying to save the company before slick rival CEO Zalinsky (Aykroyd) can swoop in to take what's left.

Farley and Spade are given the room they need to do their thing, and the visual gags and dozens of funny lines are not only hilarious but most of the reason to see this film.

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