Tough Guys

Year: 1986
Production Co: Bryna Productions
Director: Jeff Kanew
Writer: Jim Cruikshank/James Orr
Cast: Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas, Charles Durning, Dana Carvey, Eli Wallach

The story is the in-joke of the film, two elderly knockabouts back to doing what they love and always did best after a long hiatus.

Lancaster and Douglas are Harry and Archie, train robbers who took down a grand west coast train thirty years before and are let out of prison in the 80s to a very different America from the one they knew. It's one where guys their age are shuffled off to depressing retirement homes, clothes come in colours named after fruit and you can get something called Chicken McNuggets.

Finding this strange new world hard to adjust to, the guys take it out on each other and go their separate ways before they realise there's only one thing they know how to do, and they have to do it together.

While a nasty little guy from their past starts showing up with some long-forgotten vendetta, Harry and Archie start with an armoured truck for kicks before deciding on a final show-stopping heist - the same train they robbed 30 years earlier.

Several aspects don't hang together terribly well and it's a very 80 fish out of water comedy about age rather than gender or race despite a few funny lines.

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