Toy Soldiers

Year: 1991
Production Co: Island World
Director: Daniel Petrie Jr
Writer: Daniel Petrie Jr
Cast: Sean Astin, Will Wheaton, Louis Gossett Jr, R Lee Ermey

It's not really in the same thematic vein as Die Hard even though it's another 'terrorists overtake a-' action subgenre. This time a group of Eurotrash villains barricade themselves inside a prestigious private boys school, holding the students hostage.

The Dean of the school (Gossett Jr) has been having trouble with the rebellious Billy (Astin) for ages but refuses to give up on the wayward youth and expel him.

Now, with a nightmare situation on his hands, he knows Billy and his trouble making friends are the only ones who can save the day. It's completely implausible but a serious approach and a cool payoff rope you in, and the result is a cracking thriller.

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