Traces of Red

Year: 1992
Production Co: Samuel Goldwyn Company
Director: Andy Wolk
Writer: Jim Piddock
Cast: James Belushi, Lorraine Bracco

This passable, mildly erotic thriller homages the noir movement from films like The Big Sleep with a liberal dash of Hitchcock thrown in as a detective (Belushi) investigates a series of murders.

The twists and turns of the plot include him arresting the sultry femme fatale he's sleeping with (Bracco), who's a suspect, and trying to keep secrets from his past buried involving his politician brother.

But everyone in the film has a dark history, and they bubble to the surface to scatter red herrings that make it more complicated than it needs to be.

As such, it's a better film to look at than try to figure out. Belushi doesn't quite have the Cagney presence he needs and despite a natural husky sexiness Bracco overplays her role.

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